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We offer professional retouching services at a fraction of the cost.

Compare us to the best known photo labs and retouchers in Los Angeles and online.Compare Motive to the Other Guys

Compare us to the best known retouchers in Los Angeles and online, and you'll see how we offer more than our competition while giving you an affordable price. How? Because we cut out middlemen, provide ONLY retouching, and work entirely online.

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Payments are easily processed via our secure server and any major credit card or through PayPal.

Standard retouching: $25.
All images see a tremendous improvement with our Standard service. This service generally includes a light treatment of the following: blemish removal, eye enhancement (including under the eyes), line softening, skin tone evening, teeth whitening, slight fly away taming, color correction, and color enhancement. If other minor required services are discovered in the retouching process, we'll do them for free.

Please note that any services that require an excess of time will be considered Custom. This is especially true of fly away taming, which can be highly labor intensive with long, frizzy, or unkempt hair.

Custom retouching: Get a quote.
Some photos demand more intensive work. Our Custom service generally includes, but is not limited to: heavy fly away taming, makeup removal, skin tightening, smile augmentation, neckline trimming, waistline trimming, object removal (e.g. braces, jewelry, background pieces), hair thickening, hair removal, and color changing.

If you require any work above and beyond our Standard service, go to our place order page, and once the image is in your cart, click on it to find the Custom services text box. Describe the services, changes, or effects desired and be sure to submit your request. From there, you won't be charged; we'll respond to you via email with an estimate. While these services will be more expensive than our Standard service, they vary from photo to photo. There is a charge for each service you select, and price depends on the image and complexity. We will quote you based on your notes. You then choose which services, if any, you'd like. Rest assured, we will do our best to keep our prices low and our turnaround quick.

When ordering retouching, please keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "standard image." Because every person and every photo varies, we evaluate submitted images on a case-by-case basis. If we see any potential complications with your images or the services requested, we will notify you via email and resolve the issue before proceeding.

Please note that colors appear different on every monitor and when printed from every printer. While the difference may not be apparent to the naked eye, for absolutely precise control over every color, consult your printer.

Rush processing: Our normal turnaround is 2-3 business days. However, we are open to meeting your time-sensitive needs. When checking out, you will be able to select "Rush processing" for an additional $15 per image. Your order will be given top priority in our queue, and your images should be completed 24 hours from the time we receive your payment.

Coupon codes and discounts: We occasionally send out coupon codes. Simply enter the code into the specified box when you place your order, and your discount will be applied.

Volume: We are happy to work out order-specific lower pricing for high volume work. Simply email us with the details of your large order, and we'll get back to you.

Processing time: We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time, generally 2-3 business days for orders. However, this cannot be guaranteed as it depends on multiple factors, including our receipt of payment, our communication with you prior to the job, and the number of orders we have at the moment. If we expect significant delays, we will keep you posted.

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